The Musical Arts Foundation has the objective of raising funds for the Baja California Orchestra (OBC) and the Center for Musical Arts (CAM) seeking the creation of special conditions in the community which are ideal for the enjoyment of musical expression as well as promoting music education as vehicle heading towards individual and social transformation.



The Musical Arts Foundation comprises a range of intertwined projects that involve several stakeholders, specially children and teenagers.

The social focus of the organization eases a pyramidal structure that prop up its growth on a long term basis.

The platform of this structure is the “Núcleos Orquestales Comunitarios” Program. Integrated by hundreds of children from marginalized communities, this project has the objective of keeping away from the streets all those youngsters at the risk of becoming drug addicts, drug dealers or gang members. This program also works as a trampoline to become members of the School Orchestra, where musical education will become medullar part of their education. Later on, those same students will be able to join the Symphonic Orchestra of Baja California as resident musicians.

In accordance to the strategic plan of the organization, it is expected that this structure will reach its maturity in the next 10 to 12 years, as that is the time it will take an actual member of the “Núcleos Orquestales Comunitarios” program to become a professional musician performing for the Symphonic Orchestra.