The Orchestra of Baja California (OBC) is one of Mexico´s most prestigious musical institutions.  Funded in 1990 by Masters Juan Echeverría and Eduardo García Barrios, the OBC is a well known ensemble of soloists that offers a wide range of concert experiences, from the baroque to the music of our times in every combination and style, including chamber music and full-fledged symphonic compositions.

In 2001, the Orchestra of Baja California received a Grammy Award™ Nomination under the category of Best Classic Album for the “Tango mata Danzón, mata Tango” production. In 2003, the OBC had the honor to accompany Luciano Pavarotti in his internationally-transmitted presentation at Laguna Salada in Mexicali, Mexico.  In February 2010, Eduardo García Barrios stepped in as the Artistic Director for the Orchestra. García Barrios is also in charge of the Musical Arts Center, the Orchestra´s educational project.

The OBC has performed in many cities in both Mexico and USA. Some of the venues include the Bellas Artes Theather in Mexico City, the Sherwood Auditorium of San Diego´s Contemporary Museum of Arts, the Big Theater at Los Angeles County Arts Museum and the Lincoln Center of New York, amongst others.  Eduardo García Barrios, one of Mexico´s most admired and respected directors, is a musician of enormous range and technical command. Founder of the Baja California Orchestra in 1990, he returned as appointed Chief Conductor and Musical Director for Baja California Orchestra in 2010.