Eduardo García Barrios, one of Mexico´s most admired and respected directors, is a musician of enormous range and technical command. Founder of the Baja California Orchestra in 1990, he returned as appointed Chief Conductor and Musical Director for Baja California Orchestra in 2010.

Born and raised in Mexico City, García Barrios learned piano from his father and continued his formal music education in the former Soviet Union, motivated by one of his most inspiring teachers Gela Dugrova, violist. Once in the Soviet Union he was deeply influenced by such artists as piano teacher Mikhail Voskresensky and Dimitri Kitayenko, Moscow Philharmonic Chief Conductor. This musical tradition during his formal education helped shape him as an artist and thinker. He graduated with honors from Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow in 1990 as Symphonic and Opera Conductor.

That same year he returned to Mexico and among a group of Russian musicians founded the Baja California Orchestra, acting as Chief Conductor and Musical Director until 1998. During this stage he was deeply interested in interdisciplinary projects and he produced several productions with artists from different backgrounds.

From 1998 to 2002 he acted as Chief Conductor for the Lima University Philharmonic in Peru and conducted several orchestras in United States, South America and Russia, acting as associate conductor for the San AntonioTexas Symphonic Orchestra until 1999.

In Mexico he has been Guest Conductor for almost every orchestra in the country including National Symphonic Orchestra, Mexico City Philharmonic, OFUNAM and Bellas Artes Symphonic Orchestra. Some of his recorded works include Música de Salón featuring compositions of Maestro Silvestre Revueltas, El Danzón según Márquez and a series of recordings featuring Meyer Kupfermann compositions.

Aside his impressive trajectory as a conductor, part of his work has been oriented to the popular genre producing cabaret, danzon, bolero and traditional folk songs with symphonic orchestras. García Barrios has also worked closely with artists such as percussionist Tito Puente and many Mexican singers.

In recent years he acted as Musical Director for the Carlos Chávez Youth Orchestra, and at the same time he was Artistic and Musical Director for the Musical Investigations Laboratory in Mexico City.

During a visit to Venezuela, García Barrios made contact with José  Antonio Abreu,  founder  of  “El  Sistema”, a program aimed  at systematizing music education and promoting the collective  practice  of  music  through  symphonies  and chorus  as a means of social organization and communitarian development. García Barrios then participated in the academic council that brought the same program to Mexico.

His interest in “El Sistema” resulted in the foundation of the Center of Musical Arts (CAM) in Tijuana, reaching out to young talents in poor communities.

He acts now as Executive Musical Director for the Musical Arts Center and Chief Conductor for the Baja California Orchestra, celebrating 20 years of its foundation.